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{Consulting for schools and colleges}

The explosion of autism awareness, thousands of new diagnoses, and the emergent neurodiversity movement create myriad challenges and opportunities for public schools, colleges and universities. As a recognized leader in the autism community I am ready to help your institution meet those challenges head on while recognizing and seizing the many opportunities autism awareness may present.

There are three key areas where my services may be valuable:

Autism has already had a major impact on public schools, and it’s presented boards of education with one of the biggest budget challenges of modern times. I help districts get the most value for a budget while still exceeding current levels of service delivery.

In the years to come autism awareness will touch every single subject taught in college today, and shape all of them in subtle ways. Engineering colleges will recognize the learning differences and creative abilities of their many students on the fringe of the autism spectrum. Criminal Justice majors will learn how to react when they encounter people with autism in the field, and how to engage those people successfully, with respect and compassion. Business majors will learn to accommodate a newly emergent subgroup of future employees and customers.

However, not every teenager with autism is or should be college-bound. For some it may be time to return to the trade school model of high school education. That’s something I am very familiar with too.

Every year, more and more students enter college with awareness of their own autism. Are you ready to accommodate them, and shape your programs to ensure they are happy and successful? Schools will face a bewildering array of accommodation requests from students, parents, and advisors. I can help make sense of it all.

The diagnosed autistic population is increasing in size and visibility every year. With each new semester colleges are enhancing programs to recruit and accommodate students on the autism spectrum; and they are training the clinicians, teachers, counselors, and others who will serve that population tomorrow.

When it comes to optimizing that process of accommodation and program development, my skills and qualifications are unique in the field. I can help put your school at the forefront, and keep it there.

Autism affects more than 1% of the population; 1 in 54 males are on the autism spectrum. It’s now recognized as the most common developmental difference. Some folks with autism are disabled, but most of us work for a living as adults. We have our issues, but our different brain wiring also confers unique abilities and gifts. Some of us are slow, steady, and reliable. Others are some of the brightest intellects the world has ever known. In fact, many psychologists believe some of our greatest historical geniuses were autistic.

Today this truth is clear: Autism may be a disability, but we would still be living in caves if not for Einstein, Newton, and all the non standard thinkers who gave us the innovations we depend on. It’s a point for today’s leaders to ponder, as they strive to pull ahead in an ever-more-competitive world. We’re ready to help, at all levels. The autism spectrum contains people who can perform at all levels, with many different skills. We’re loyal, reliable, and trustworthy.

But we need the help of schools to succeed. We need the specialized knowledge that’s such a key part of education today. We need credentials to open employer doors. We need the help and counsel that today’s graduates will be delivering in the field next year.

Now, it’s time to take the next step. Can I be of service to you? Feel free to pass my name along to a colleague in need, or contact me to discuss your own organization’s needs.

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