John Elder Robison is the NY Times bestselling author of RAISING CUBBY, LOOK ME IN THE EYE, BE DIFFERENT and the forthcoming SWITCHED ON. He's neurodiversity Scholar in Residence at the College of William & Mary, and he advises schools and industry on autism and diversity. He's a popular speaker and workshop leader.

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John Elder Robison is an adult with autism. He’s the author of three books – RAISING CUBBY, LOOK ME IN THE EYE, and BE DIFFERENT.

John is available to speak at your school or business events. John speaks on growing up, being an entrepreneur, being a creative person, and being an eccentric Aspergian who somehow passes for normal in polite society.

As a recognized leader in the autism community I am ready to help your institution meet those challenges head on while recognizing and seizing the many opportunities autism awareness may present.

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